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Mobile Wireless Open Internet Disclosure

 Triangle Mobile (“Triangle”) is committed to providing high-quality mobile broadband service to our subscribers and to the subscribers of our roaming partners. Triangle does not inhibit the ability of its customers to access lawful websites, subject to reasonable network management practices.

Network Management

Triangle uses reasonable network management practices consistent with industry standards to manage its network to ensure reliability is maintained and to minimize network issues. In general, Triangle neither gives preference to nor delays internet traffic. We do not discriminate between or among services we provide and those provided by others. The Network is designed to accommodate traffic requirements and undertakes best efforts to ensure a high-quality online experience for all its customers. As a result, at times of heavy usage, customers may experience delays in downloading or uploading files or a sluggish Web surfing experience. Triangle's congestion management involves overall provisioning of adequate internet backbone capacity to accommodate traffic requirements and does not involve measures that prefer or prioritize one type of traffic over another. Triangle does not employ any network management practices that would affect a customer’s ability to access any specific applications.

Network Performance Characteristics

Triangle’s mobile data service provides “3G” connection speeds throughout the Triangle Mobile home coverage area. Actual speeds may vary due to signal strength, location, compression and network traffic among other factors. Where signal strength is not sufficient for 3G data speeds, customers may receive slower “1X” data speeds. Customers can measure their speed using a variety of third-party websites such as or on the Triangle website at Such third-party websites are not affiliated with Triangle and the company does not make any guarantees as to the accuracy of test results obtained through those third-parties. When a Triangle customer is roaming in areas of the U.S. served by a data roaming partner, wireless data service is available under the performance characteristics of that carrier’s data network.

Commercial Terms

Triangle allows its customers to choose from several rate plans with various price and volume combinations. Information on these plans is available on our website at Customers are provided with “bill shock” notifications weekly if they have reached 80% or more of their monthly data allowance. Triangle’s mobile internet customers are allowed to connect their choice of authorized legal devices to the Network as long as the device does not harm the Network or negatively impact the data service of other users of the Network.

Security Measures

Triangle offers its wireless broadband customers unrestricted access to all of the lawful content, services, and applications available on the Internet. Security measures are limited to measures to ensure the stability of the Network as a whole. The Network employs metrics which determine whether there is a Denial of Service or similar attack hitting the Network. During the time of such attacks, inbound and outbound traffic filtering techniques will be employed to avoid Network congestion and other Network degradation. If any Network traffic appears to be a malicious attempt to disrupt the Network such as spamming, Triangle will take corrective action which may include notification to the end user of the device and/or notification to the appropriate law enforcement agency, if applicable.

Privacy Policy

Triangle's privacy policy regarding customer proprietary information can be reviewed at here.

Customer comments or complaints should be directed to:
1. By Mail: PO Box 1140, Havre, MT 59501
2. By Phone: 1-800-332-1201
3. By Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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