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Nationwide Coverage

Whether you're traveling the Hi-Line or on vacation in New York City, you can depend on Triangle Mobile.

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The best experience where it matters most.

More towers on the Hi-Line than any other carrier.

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For the Montana in You

Triangle Mobile has the best coverage on Montana's Hi-Line and the same great nationwide coverage as the big guys. We're investing in your backyard, building towers where the big guys won't. We have agreements with many of the big carriers so you can stay covered anywhere in the country. The best mobile experience is with Triangle Mobile.

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What our customers say


Melanie Sloan

We switched to Triangle after seeing that there was service all the way up to the Canadian border. We love the coverage we now have with Triangle. Dead spots are fewer and fewer! And they have everything all the other competitors have. We would never go back.

Darrius Furman

Reliable service. I haven't had any issues yet and I've been with Triangle Mobile for over a year.

Anita Stevenson

Couldn't ask for better people to work with. Exceptional service.

Madge Waritz

Triangle Mobile is there when you need help.


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